Ways to Style a Canopy Bed for a Dreamy Children's Bedroom

Ways to Style a Canopy Bed for a Dreamy Children's Bedroom

A lovely bedroom can spark children’s joy and imagination. So as a parent, it’s one way to spoil them with their dream bedroom. For children, a dreamy bed with a grand canopy is a good starting point. But how do you exactly achieve that? Where do you start and how will you style it?

A canopy bed frame offers versatility in styling your child’s bed. In this article, learn different ways you can do that. Get valuable tips on how to achieve a dreamy bed and bedroom for your kid.


8 Tips on How to Style Your Kid’s Canopy Bed Frame

Creating a cozy and stylish space for your child can be fun and rewarding. Here are 8 tips on how to style your kid’s canopy bed frame.

1. Use a One-Color Theme

Most of the time, children have color preferences that they want to incorporate into their bedrooms. You can utilize that when styling your kid’s canopy bed. It’s simple: use fabric or curtains, for the canopy, that comes in their favorite color or colors. Of course, this also means that the sheets and pillowcases should come in a similar color scheme.

2. Tie Ribbons to the Frame

A bow-tied canopy bed offers a whimsical feel in a young girl’s bedroom. Aside from draping or adding some fabric to the canopy bed frame, you can also decorate the actual frame with ribbons. Pink is a good color to use but you can also use any color that your child likes. Wrap and tie the ribbons to and around the arches and rods—you can even use the ribbons to tie the curtains or fabric to the canopy.

3. Pick a Crown Canopy Frame Style

A crown canopy can make your child feel like royalty. In essence, the design and structure of a crown canopy frame come with some graceful curves and a touch of elegance. Whether you’re using thick curtains or flowy fabrics, simply this frame design can dictate the way the bed will look—cozy and dreamy.

At the same time, you can choose to have the material draped over the floor or not, adding more touch of grandeur. Pair it with a flowy, white fabric and it can even make your child feel like they’re floating on a cloud on their bed. Plus, you can add other bed accessories you’d like, such as your favorite blanket, decorative pillows, and plushies.

4. Use Fabric Together With Beads

If you want to go more creative with your styling, you can also try incorporating more design elements—like beads. The canopy itself offers a soft and cozy touch to a child’s sleeping space. But when you style it with beads, you can create a more whimsical bed for them.

Along the fabric of the canopy, you can try hanging beads to create a sense of adventure. These beads can be small or big depending on your preference. But if you’re designing a bed for a young child, it’s best to use big beads so your kid can’t easily try to swallow them. You can even try using small plush toys instead of beads for more layers to the design.

5. Go French-Style and Use Velvet

Another enchanting canopy bed style you might want to consider is a fairytale design. It’s the epitome of what most children want and it’s a style that you can easily achieve by using a French-style frame. It’s typically a four-poster canopy bed that many people in the past used to create luxurious bed spaces. With this frame design, use luxurious accessories like velvet curtains to enhance its fairytale effect.

Velvet is a luxury fabric that can add elegance and personality to any space. When using this fabric, make sure that the pattern and color match the rest of your kid’s room. This way, their fairytale bed won’t feel and look out of place. It’s also best to use curtains that will drape over the floor to add a bit of a dramatic effect to the style.

At the same time, if velvet isn’t your thing, you can also use other types of fabrics. You can use flowing fabrics like chiffon, tulle, or lightweight cotton—anything that can complement and personalize the French style you’re going for.

6. Choose a House-Shaped Canopy

If you’re styling a canopy bed for a very young child, you can go whimsical by using a house-shaped canopy frame. This house-like structure will offer versatility in terms of style. You can use a simple curtain or fabric and drape it over the structure for a tent-like effect on the bed. Or, you can use a canopy fabric designed for house-shaped canopies, like slipcovers with peekaboo windows on the sides and tie-backs at the front.

You can choose whichever would look best in your kid’s room and would suit their personality. Most of the time, the house-like slipcover is more suitable for Montessori beds with canopies as it makes the beds look more like little houses. Plus, with this canopy style, you can add more decorations like your child’s own DIY crafts. This will surely make the bed more meaningful for them.

7. Try a Mosquito Net Canopy Bed

One of the most common go-to options for a dreamy canopy style is a mosquito net canopy—both for kids and adults. It’s a simple yet flowy canopy style. You can simply outfit your child’s bed with a mosquito net, either draped over your preferred canopy frame or a detached net frame.

This will create a cozy and dreamy feel in any bedroom design. It will even serve a dual purpose as the net can protect your kid from bugs at night. Of course, you can get the net in your kid’s favorite color to complement the room and bed’s scheme.

8. Drape One Large Canopy

If you’re decorating and styling a shared bedroom for your kids, you can consider going for shared canopy beds. This simply means that you’ll use one large canopy for the two beds in the room. Simply drape over a large sheet of medium-weight fabric over wooden dowels attached to the ceiling and side walls.

Take note that this requires that the beds be placed side-by-side. With this style, the canopy would look like a large bed nook that will define their sleeping area, offering a cozy tent-like feel for your kids.



Most children consider their beds a magical space they can retreat to. Providing them with a dreamy space can help them rest and relax more comfortably. So, make sure to try the style tips discussed above to make their bedrooms more cozy, whimsical, and dreamy.

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