The Ultimate List of Learning Tower Activities for Toddlers

The Ultimate List of Learning Tower Activities for Toddlers

Learning towers are secure platforms designed to help children, especially toddlers, engage in various activities. Getting and using one would be ideal to encourage and involve your child in daily activities in the house. However, you must know the best and right things to use the tower.

There are different things you and your child can do at home using a learning tower. The possibilities are limitless, but this article will highlight the top activities you can do with the tower. Find out the different ways you can engage and boost your child’s imagination, creativity, and learning.


6 Fun Activities to Do With a Learning Tower

Using learning towers can help your toddler build confidence and learn life skills. These are the best activities you can let them use it:

1. Involve Them in Meal Prep and Cooking

It’s common for toddlers to love to get messy in the kitchen. You can take advantage of their curiosity and give them a tower to explore more. With the tower, you can let them participate in meal preparation and even cooking. This can be the best way to spend quality time together.

You should start with simple activities and gradually get into more engaging kitchen activities. You can do this when preparing breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner. Aside from using the tower to let them see what you’re doing, here are some ideas to let your toddler get in on the fun in the kitchen:

  • Washing vegetables and fruits
  • Mixing and stirring
  • Filling measuring cups
  • Pouring ingredients
  • Using cookie cutters when baking
  • Tearing leafy vegetables like lettuce or herbs for a salad
  • Making pancakes
  • Cleaning after preparation

2. Get Into Arts and Crafts

Doing art projects is one of the best ways to encourage your kid’s artistic side. They can be incredibly creative, and it’s common for toddlers to show their creativity on furniture and even on walls. This can be stressful for a parent because removing glue and glitter on a fabric couch and permanent markers on the walls and cabinets is hard.

The best thing to do to let their creativity flourish is to give them a designated area for their arts and crafts—somewhere easy to clean. One example is setting up the tower on the kitchen bench. This way, you can contain the mess they might make later on. Another option is to get a tower that features optional whiteboard add-ons. You can attach one to the tower and then let your kid use it to draw and bring their ideas to life.

Letting your kid explore their creative side isn’t just about the fun and entertainment. It can also help them develop essential skills, including:

  • Fine motor skills 
  • Problem-solving
  • Positive self-esteem
  • Visual-spatial understanding

3. Morning Rituals in the Bathroom

You can also use the tower for simple activities every day. Mornings can be chaotic when you have a kid, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. You can use this time to teach them some basic hygiene skills early.

You can do your morning routine together by setting up the tower by the bathroom sink. You can teach and let your toddler brush their teeth, comb their hair, and wash their face and hands. This can make mornings more fun and bearable for them. It will also lay the foundation for good morning habits for them.

4. Use It for Eating and When Cleaning

Using the tower can be a safe alternative if your toddler can’t stay or sit still to eat. They can move freely in the tower and still easily access their food. It would be an excellent alternative for high chairs. You and your toddler can also use it when cleaning and doing household chores.

Letting them be part of such activities is one good way to instill valuable and practical house skills in them. It’s common for children to do the same things you’re doing—they like to contribute and get involved.

Using a tower lets your toddler participate in chores, like washing and drying the dishes or cleaning windows. This can nurture their sense of responsibility and independence. It will also show them that daily chores aren’t exactly boring.

5. Fun Obstacle Courses

Learning towers are made from Montessori materials. They’re one of the most popular items in Montessori. This means that, like other Montessori toys, your toddler can use it to be more adventurous when playing. Since kids usually have a lot of energy to burn, your toddler will be excited to have an adventurous obstacle course. You can connect and pair the tower with other Montessori materials, like the Pikler triangle or a ramp slide. 

These interconnecting materials can help your toddler engage and develop various skills. Playing with such assembly can improve their motor skills, balance, creativity, and more. You can even add other educational materials to help your toddler learn more, like materials about colors, shapes, and numbers. These can make the obstacle courses more fun and challenging for them. 

6. Creative Playhouse 

Children love activities that let them imitate what they see, especially what adults do. This means they love to engage in imaginative role plays when young, like playing house or acting like a cashier. You can use the tower and transform it into a playhouse so they can take on the role of real-life characters when playing.

This will allow them to enact what they’ve learned or observed from what they’ve watched and seen. They can use the playhouse as a little entrepreneur, a doctor, or a chef. This will help enrich their imagination while playing.


Safety Tips to Remember When Getting and Using the Tower

Safety should be your priority since your kid will use the tower. Here are some important tips to remember:

  • Make sure you place and set up the tower on a flat surface.
  • Always provide supervision when your toddler is using the tower.
  • Check the tower for any signs of damage before you let them use it.
  • Get a tower with safety features, like non-slip surfaces and sturdy construction.
  • Place the tower away from hazards, like nearby sharp objects or anything that might spill.



Interactive and engaging plays are possible with learning towers. You can use it to make learning and playing more enjoyable for your toddler. Plus, using it will allow you to spend quality time with them, even when preparing to cook or clean. Getting one would be a good investment for your kid’s entertainment and development. If you want to look at some products, visit our learning tower collection!

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