Kids Loft Bed with Slide: Good or Bad Idea?

Kids Loft Bed with Slide: Good or Bad Idea?

Slide beds are becoming more popular among parents who have adventurous toddlers. Beds with a slide add a touch of fun and excitement to the bedroom. But is this unique bed type a good or bad idea for small children who are prone to tripping and falling?

Fortunately, this guide will help you find out if you need a bunk or loft bed with a slide. This article includes the top picks for slide beds for you to discover and the safety precautions needed for your child’s bedroom.


Types of Slide Beds

Beds with slides are innovative and playful sleep solutions designed for children's bedrooms. A slide is usually attached to the frame of these beds. This makes getting out of bed in the morning fun and exciting for kids.

Slides turn bedrooms into mini-playgrounds that encourage active play and imagination. It has two main types: loft beds and bunk beds.

Loft Beds

These elevated beds allow extra space underneath for play, study, or storage. A slide is often included in kids’ loft beds to help them enhance their mobility. Children will climb to their sleeping area at night and then slide down in the morning.

Bunk Beds

Unlike loft beds, bunk beds feature a stacked design. Bunk beds have one-bed frame positioned above the other. This design is especially practical for shared rooms or households with many children. Bunk beds for kids incorporate a slide, providing a playful way to get down to the lower bunk.


Are Slide Beds a Good or Bad Idea?

Considering whether slide beds are a good or bad idea, weighing their benefits and considerations is essential.

Benefits of a Bed with Slide

Maximize Space

The advantage of this bed is that it can maximize the space in our kid’s room. The vertical design of the loft bed and the compact layout of the bunks help save floor space for the slide.

The additional space can also be used for playing and toy storage. This is beneficial for small bedrooms or shared spaces.

Encourage Active Play

The additional slide on the high bed encourages active play. This gives children an outlet for energy. A bed with a slide will transform your child's room into a mini indoor playground. This will stimulate physical activity and promote gross motor skill development.

Children can climb up the bed and slide down repeatedly. This helps your kid engage in imaginative play scenarios. This helps foster creativity and social interaction.

Add Excitement to Bedtime Routines

Slide beds also make bedtime more fun for kids.  By making a positive connection between sleep and this activity, you can get over your child's resistance to going to bed. This helps develop better sleep habits over time. Sliding out of bed in the morning can be a good day starter for your little ones.


Beds with slides can be a cost-effective solution for children's bedrooms. This is because most high sleeper beds with slides also have storage for toys and other items. It saves money and maximizes investment value by maintaining utility and adaptability as children grow.

Important Consideration

Proper Installation

Slides must be correctly installed for structures to be stable and accidents to be avoided. It's very important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and anchor the bed securely to the floor or wall as suggested. Regular maintenance checks should also show wear and deterioration that might compromise your child's safety.


Another important thing to do to make sure slide beds are used safely is to keep an eye on them. Slide beds are made to be safe, with features like guardrails, but kids should still be supervised, especially when they are younger. Parents should supervise their children's slide bed use during playtime to prevent accidents.


Slide Bed Safety Checklist

Ensure your child's safety while using a high bed with a slide bed using this checklist:

Address the Slide Base

Accidents can be avoided by leaving enough space in front of the slide. Move away any items that might block the slide. Make sure there is at least four feet of room for landing safely.

Create a Soft Landing

Laying rugs or padding under the slide to soften the ground. This helps absorb shock and lowers the risk of damage in case someone falls. To make a soft and safe landing area, you could use thick rugs or foam padding.

Consider the Bed Entrance

Choosing a slide bed with strong steps or stairs with grooves makes climbing safe and easy. The ladder or stairs should support children and provide a solid climbing platform.

Use Manufacturer Products Only

Use bed manufacturer-approved accessories and add-ons for compatibility and safety. It is best not to use any aftermarket or unauthorized items that could damage the slide bed.

Create House Rules

Setting clear rules for safe sliding and playing helps kids behave better and lowers the risk of accidents. It’s important to follow safety rules and encourage kids to play responsibly.


Best Kids Bunk and Loft Beds with Slide

Now that you know the ins and outs of beds with slides make sure to get the best for your child. Here are the loft and bunk beds with a slide that you should consider when it’s time to shop:

1. Cottage Kids L Shaped Bunk Beds with Storage & Slide

The Cottage Kids L Shaped Bunk Beds are a great addition to your children's bedroom. This bed has an L-shaped design with built-in storage shelves and a slide that is connected to the bed. Made to be stronger and safer than other bunk beds on the market, so no need to worry about it collapsing.


  • Suitable for two twin-size standard mattresses
  • Stylish white finish that goes with any style
  • Comes with slat kits, tools, and hardware
  • Built from solid pine wood

    2. Cottage Kids Loft Bed with Slide and Bookshelf

    Adding the Cottage Kids Loft Bed to your child's room will make it more exciting and organized. It has a twin-size loft bed and a built-in slide for extra fun and adventure. The free-standing bookshelf promotes creativity and organization with storage and display space.


    • White finish complements any decor
    • Safeguards with 15" guard rails and 2.4" posts
    • Easy assembly with slat kit, tools, and hardware
    • Length: 79", Depth: 90",  Height: 56"

      3.  Cottage Kids Full Loft Bed with Slide

      Let your kids enjoy bedtime adventures with the Cottage Kids Full Loft Bed. This lovely loft bed has extra-tall guard rails and sturdy posts. These keep your youngster safe and comfortable. It combines safety, style, and fun with its elegant white finish and solid pine wood construction.


      • Compatible with standard full mattress
      • Classic white finish to compliment any decor
      • ASTM/CPSC-compliant for assurance
      • Length: 106", Width: 79", Height: 46"


      Get Beds with Slide For Your Kids Now

      For parents, whether a slide bed is a good or bad idea will ultimately depend on your circumstances and parenting style. But one thing is certain: having a bunk or a loft bed with a slide will give your children an exciting and adventurous way to start their day.

      So, what are you waiting for? Check out this unique bed with a slide and transform your child’s bedtime routine.

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