How to Choose a Montessori Bed

How to Choose a Montessori Bed

A Montessori bed is a type of children’s bed that is low to the ground. Since it’s closer to the floor, it’s easy for your kids to get in and out, promoting independence. However, due to the many choices in the market, you might find it challenging to pick the best floor bed for your child. 

To help you shop, this article will provide the benefits and key considerations for choosing a Montessori floor bed. You will also discover the top bed picks you can get for your toddler.


Benefits of a Montessori Floor Bed

A toddler floor bed offers a range of benefits that contribute to a child's development and well-being; here are some of them:

Freedom of Movement

Children can move in and out of their Montessori beds independently as they grow. This ability to move freely supports and helps kids develop their motor skills early, unlike high-railing cribs.

Unrestricted Views

Children who sleep in Montessori beds can see their whole room because of their low view. This unrestricted view sparks interest and supports early learning. Montessori beds promote cognitive development and spatial awareness by letting children visually analyze their surroundings.

Learning and Development

Montessori beds encourage children to learn independently and make choices by giving them control over their sleep routines. Children gain confidence and life skills by managing when to go in and out of bed and taking care of their sleeping area. These beds help kids learn to be independent and responsible. This is important for ongoing learning and self-reliance.


When properly installed, floor beds are safe for young children. Compared to raised cribs with high railings, these beds reduce falls and injuries by placing the mattress on the floor. Montessori beds are low enough to prevent damage, so it’s safer if your child rolls out of them. Additionally, without barriers or railings, children can easily exit the bed in case of an emergency.


How to Choose a Montessori Bed

Choosing the right Montessori bed for your child involves considering various factors, such as: 

1. Security Features

When choosing a Montessori bed, consider security features to keep your child safe. Select a bed with durable materials, rounded edges, and safety certification, such as beds with ASTM International or CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) regulations. Choose low-VOC beds to avoid dangerous chemicals.

2. Size

Age and growth stage should be considered when picking a bed size for your child. For babies ready to leave cribs, toddler beds are ideal. Bigger children should sleep in twin beds, which gives them more room to grow. It’s better to measure the room to make sure that the bed fits perfectly inside. 

3. Height

When purchasing a bed, it's crucial to consider its accessibility. If you want your child to get in and out of bed easily, pick a low bed (4–8 inches). Lower beds make it safer for children and individuals with disabilities to sleep by lowering the risk of falling.

4. Material and Finish

The material determines the Montessori bed’s durability, safety, and quality. Bed made out of oak or pine lasts longer. Plywood and particle board beds are more likely to break or bend than beds made of solid wood. A Montessori bedroom looks great with solid wood's natural look.

5. Design

You should choose a bed with a simple, clean design that goes with the rest of your child's room. Avoid excessively ornate or decorative designs, as they may detract from the sleeping environment. Classic finishes and bland colors can help your toddler relax and get a good night's sleep.

6. Conversion Options

Consider beds with adaptable design characteristics. Beds with adjustable mattress heights or storage can adapt to your child's changing demands as they grow. When making your choice, think about the bed's long-term value and how it can be used in different ways.

7. Mattress

Supportive and comfortable mattresses are essential for growing children. The following can help your kids sleep well:

  • mattress firmness
  • breathability
  • hypoallergenic materials

Choose a mattress that fits the bed frame and meets children's sleep safety standards.

8. Price

When considering the price of a Montessori bed, set a realistic budget aligned with your financial capabilities. While affordability is crucial, prioritize quality craftsmanship and materials for durability and longevity. Compare prices from different retailers to find the best value without compromising quality.

9. Quality

Prioritize quality when selecting a Montessori bed. Invest in sturdy, sustainable materials like solid wood for durability. Look for reinforced joints and secure fastenings for stability. Choose reputable brands known for excellence in craftsmanship and consider warranty coverage for added assurance.


Top Montessori Floor Beds Picks

Now that you know how to choose a floor bed for your child make sure to get only the best. Here are the top toddler floor beds you should consider when it’s time to shop:

1. Cottage Kids Full Montessori Bed

Enjoy the classic beauty of the Cottage Kids Full Montessori Bed, which was carefully crafted to make your child's bedroom look better. Kids of all ages can sleep safely and easily on this cozy floor bed because it is built to be secure and level with the floor.


  • Durable solid pine wood construction
  • Supports mattress with 14 full-size bed slats
  • Natural finish blends with any decor
  • Easy assembly using tools and hardware

    2. Cottage Kids Twin Montessori Bed

    Introduce versatility and charm to your kid's bedroom with Cottage Kids Twin Montessori Bed. This secure, low-to-the-ground bed offers a smooth transition for toddlers to a twin bed. It features options for a floor bed, a twin bed with slats, and an adorable chimney.


    • Available in 3 ways
    • Compatible with a standard twin-size bed
    • Natural finish complements any decor
    • Made of solid pine wood for durability

      3. Cottage Kids Montessori TeePee Bed

      Ignite your child's imagination with the Montessori TeePee Bed. This bed's designed to bring adventure and comfort to their bedroom. Their teepee-inspired frame makes the bed snug and safe for your child. The teepee-inspired design encourages creativity and imagination.


      • Dimensions: 79" L x 45” W x 59” H
      • Made of solid pine wood
      • Suitable for a typical twin-sized mattress
      • Complete tools and hardware for effortless assembly


      Get Your Toddler a Montessori Bed Today!

      With these insights and tips, choosing the perfect Montessori bed for your children should be easy. Considering factors like safety and the mattress, you're on your way to creating a cozy bedroom for your child.

      If your child is transitioning out of the crib, check out this Montessori floor bed and ensure peaceful and safe nights for your toddler.

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